LB Crap Shooters

Tabletop-Spielgruppe um und aus Ludwigsburg für GW-Spielsysteme. Unser Fokus liegt auf Warhammer. Like us on
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28mm Models by Eureka Miniatures

The world of Songs of Blades and Heroes can be whatever you want it to be. You could recruit a warband of
evil goblins to raid the pristine forests of the elves. You could recruit a warband of undead monstrosities and
take your fight to the dwarves. You could take a band of Leonines, or Kobolds… or you can create your own
creatures to lead into battle through simple, yet accurate creation steps.
Songs of Blades and Heroes provides the player with a plentiful supply of troop types, from all different
facets of the fantasy genre.
Here, we introduce two new factions to lead into battle, the Frogfolk and the Silva. Both are expanded in
Song of Wind and Water.
The Frogfolk
The Frogfolk are an amphibious species of bipedal frogs that dwell in swamps and forests across the land.
They live in secluded tribes and worship nature above all else. They are led by a Tribal Elder, but it is the
‘Totem’ of a tribe that all Frogfolk look to for guidance and inspiration.

Hier was zu einem Regelwerk für welches man diese Figuren nehmen kann. Wie bei Armies of Arcana kann man sich zu vorhandenen Figuren eine Liste basteln.
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